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Hello, everyone. This is SeaCigar. I am posting this to issue a kind of “challange” to designers, modelers, and wannabees alike. To recap on previous posts, I am making a 3D side scrolling game, and while it my not be as good as most professional games, at least in terms of graphics, I will continue to work on it until it is entertaining. It stars Kirby. Thats right. The Vacuum cleaner. However, I am only using him because of his ease of animation, and his conformity to the standard collision cage, a sphere. whether or not he retains his trademark abilities is up to you. Anyone who has ever played mario, or sonic, or anything, and has said “Gee, wouldn’t it be cool if.” but doesnt have the skill/patience to see it reach fruition, can send me their Ideas, via text or blueprints, to me and I’ll use them to build a themed level. The Ideas can be on what the level looks like, The style of obstacles, enemies, and even kirby’s powers! Keep in mind, though, that gameplay is my first priority, and decency runs a close second, as I am using a borrowed character, and more importantly, I must present the finished product to a set of highschool judges to evaluate wheter or not this is a skill I can use after graduation. In other words, it will be a grade. So nothing too violent or, heh, sexual can be used. Other than that, Go wild! No programming instruction is needed, unless you’re sure that it will take something special to get it working. simply write your Ideas here on the forum. Or if you have an attachment containing something you made you want in the game, Email it to me at [email protected] . I hope too see some cool ideas coming soon. And your names, whether they are real or made up, will be in the final credits. Lastly, I will make my own levels, as well, but I want to see and have what the public wants as well.

(saluk) #2

Hehe! I did zelda blender, your doing kirby blender, now all we need is mario blender and we’ll be all set:)

Good luck with the project, kirby is a great fit I think for blender. Can’t say I have any ideas for you though. Just make sure you get the floating and sucking right. Man, this games gonna suck! :slight_smile:


(Pooba) #3

I remember trying to do a kirby game when I first started. With my really bad modeling skills back then I couldn’t even model kirby. I hope you have better luck!
When is your project due?


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The project is due next year, just before the end of school. It may seem like a long time, but I need a long time for refining the game, in case I run into problems along the way. Modeling shouldn’t be a problem. Texturing will be. At least, it will when I get to it. Functionality is my main concern, at the moment:) So I wont paint on the characters until I am finished with them program wise.

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I don’t think kirby will really NEED very many textures. Just plain old vertex point should suffice for just about everything, except for faces, and maybe some of the background objects. And it’s a good idea to give yourself a lot of time to work on it. SoldierDown was actually what I had planned to be my project, but I ran into problems and couldn’t finish it in time. So I just used Zelda, which I had completed at the begining of the school year:)

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Sorry Seacigar do not want to say that your game is boring (I have difficulty with my english sometime) I wanted to say: You could think that this game will be boring but no it is very fun to make level. I have difficulty to translate french expression in english…YOUR GAME WILL ROCK!!!

(MY 50 post :wink: 8) :smiley: )

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Couldn’t model Kirby!? Kirby is a sphere, Pooda :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, I couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:

You know that Pooda is going to follow you for the rest of your blender life don’t you? :wink:

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:slight_smile: I think I understand what you are saying. Thanks X-warrior

lol, joe, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind hanging out with a blenderhead who understands my situation. The best games usually aren’t made by a single person, ya know? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Pooba) #9

Hey, i had just started, and i couldn’t get a realistic wlaking or making the feet and arms look right, he did good on that.



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Alright kids, lets not dig each other too much:) Pooba is cool, and so is Joe, don’t be too cruel:)

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Alright kids, lets not dig each other too much:) Pooba is cool, and so is Joe, don’t be too cruel:)

but I am the COOLEST Bwaahehehahahahah
no sorry good luck with your game and your grade and…stuff…

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Saluk, me and joe are friends, we’re just messing around :smiley:



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heh heh.

I know:)

And you are a modelling KING!

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i started making a 3d side scroller… its a take on “Blade”, the comic book and movie hero

ive got the left and right arrows which spin around the character, the camera moves left and right to position itself well infront of the character

i also have jumping, shooting and a sword swing all ready to go with collision detection

if u wanna see how i did some of this its at
ull have to go here and click on “Blade.zip”, good luck with yours, i got bord of mine

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Hey Ineedanewbike, why do you need a new bike?

Acually, did you forget your password or somethin’? Why are you Ineedanewbi?

You need a newbie? Plenty here :smiley: .


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:stuck_out_tongue: pooba’s being real helpful, aint e’? 8)