Level design?

Hello, I’m making a adventure platformer, like spyro the dragon. And I need to know what your opinions are on maps?

My tecnique right now, is to make a plane. Subdivide it, turn everything into triangles. And from a top view give the landscape some shape.

Is this the best way of doing it? :confused:

For a platformer style game like spyro, I recommend planning the puzzles/jumping sections/whatever, and hand-making the land. The subdivided and sculpted land works for MMO’s, where the terrain has little to no influence on gameplay, or for engines like crysis that can handle enough polys and multi-level depth maps to make that feasible.

Hmm yeah, or you could maybe just use the texnique I was talking about. Then divide the object into different parts. And then try to make everythin low poly where you could have it lowpoly…hmm thanks for the tip:cool:

I’ve got a little Captain in me. (His idea might be better in this instance.) Your choice, of course.

I wouldn’t recommend it. What you should do is model the landscape using a method like this (IMO)

Build basic meshes of things like platforms, cliffs, the basic background. You can build them separately and then join them togther (ctrl + J) and patch the gaps or keep them seperate.

world objects like trees, crates should be separate. you can link them from an external blend so that you use placeholders and update the meshes later (or have someone else work on them) and the updates are automatically applied. This is how it is done in Yo Frankie but I’m not actually sure on how they linked the files