Level design...

Hello, I need your help. I have made a character, And I have setup camera collision etc, now I need to create a level. But I’m not sure how to start at all, how the level design in this game is going to be like. I have two options:

Spyro design:
More detailed levels, no space. You can’t usually fall and die. The enemies kill you.

Croc design:
Less detailed levels, but a lot more jumping. Enemies are still there, but they are not so hard. And it’s the jumping that is the challenge + the enemies.

It’s going to be a 3rd person adventure, so the story isn’t important. Gameplay is everything, I thought one scene = one level. So there are no transitions within a level.

Very open enviroments so the camera gets space to move without bumping into wall after wall. Basically levels like croc but without the transitions.

Now I have tried on some level designs over a prison, thought the clown could be imprisoned and managed to escape. But I always end up with corridors, or very lame looking stone walls everywhere. Maybe a prison is not the place to start.

The story is not the most important thing, I can adapt the story to the location I choose to start. But where? And how would this level exactly look like? I’m stuck on how to start. I think when you got a base, it’s easy to start building on it.

Please help me with some ideas.:wink:

Character below:

Do not underestimate the story aspect of the game. Story will give the environment a purpose and reason for being. It is the backbone of the level. A solid foundation will help you decide what your doing, and where your going with it.
Unless your building a test level for specifically developing the game-play of your game, do not waste your good character by giving it a world devoid of life!

For your prison scenario think ; Why is he here? What is he doing? What conflict might this character be facing? Is he in trouble with the law?
Ask yourself questions like this and you will be able to decide how it should look.

Again, you need to regard your story as a blueprint for your level.

I agree with mike343. A good story, or plot, would give players a reason to try out your game.

However, if you want it to be gameplay-centered, then think: What’s my main gameplay mechanic?

Does your character uses a special weapon or suit? Make your game world around that! In Metroid, your weapon can open doors and your suit enables you to advance through the levels.

Does your character is a master in acrobatics? Then levels in the style of Prince of Persia would be suitable to you. IHis only remarkable skill is to jump? Then fill your levels with floating platforms and high places to climb…