Level design

hi guys, im a newbie here on blender,and its my first post here,really amazing and loving the gallery here on blenderartist.org, the following images i have created are rendered in udk but all the assets were created using blender all the thing from modeling to texturing was done in blender with a little help of photoshop hope u guys like it :)… this level is based on my friend’s concept u can see this concept on this link:-

hope u like it
and also u can check out my page on facebook too here’s the link:-

warp the too bright paneling on the floor, the one thats missing foot prints… and add some debris… an outside low poly scene of tress and feilds ect would do well… or ienjoy… its a finished project…

Very cool!

@springwater well i call this finished… working on another environment will share soon but iwana know what are you telling please ellaborate and thanks for the comment …

@ShadowCamero thanks dude :)…

well i call this peice finished im working on another environment but i would like to know what are u telling can u ellaborate thanks for the comment
thanks dude really appreciate it :slight_smile:

This looks something out of battlefeild4, very professional!

I think the shining light ray should have made the interior a little brighter (unless you are simulating the exposure of a camera) Still like it like this though. Looks like a level/scene from a new Battlefield game which is hot.

As a game environment it is almost spot on. There is no grunge or dirt to indicate that this place has been exposed to the elements but other than that it makes you want to venture beyond the compound good work !!

glad u like it .thank u so much :slight_smile:

thank u so much for appreciation means alot to me :slight_smile:

Already looks like something out of an existing video game; well done.

Thanku so much glad u like it , yes it took alot of time to make it look better. :slight_smile: