Level Designers and C++ Proggrammers needed...

Real Effects Studios is nearing the completion of it’s first game, Operation Iraqi Freedom: The Game.

You play as Luitenant Jones, who is abandoned during a mission. Together with two other solders, you must fight your way through an oil refinery, a hostile vilage, and escape to a field where you will be rescued.

As of now, we have all of the models done, with textures and everything. We have the layout for the first few levels. We are in need of level designers to create the levels, and C++ programmers to program our game. You will get ample reconition in the credits for your work.

If you are interested,reply to this post, and I will send you a .blend library with all of our models in it, so you can see what we have completed. Also, in a couple of days, we will have the storyline up on our studio’s site— www.geocities.com/realfxstudios

Pictures of the models can be found at
They will be raised in polys, since we switched game engines, but they are basically what will be in the ggame.

Real Effects Studios

erm, wasn’t it somebody else who was working on that game?

well, nevertheless, I would like to hear what you have planned game-wise

do you expect someone to whip up an engine for you? do you want to modify blender for your needs?

oh, and do you have animations yet?

I don’t have time to devote to such a project. Also, I don’t believe any project I have seen people asking for help here was ever completed, if it was it was completed by one very dedicated person.

if you need a 3d engine, check out ogre [if you want free, even if lgpl], or torque [$150?]. torque is much more of a game engine, for example it has a good networking library included.

No, Prince has posted about it, but he belongs to the studio.
We are going to use a free game engine. Not sure what it will be yet, but we’ll figure it out.
We have a few animations, but are working on them.

About modifying blender using that as an opportunity to get into blender’s source code and modifying the game engine to make it possible would be pretty good for all game engine users. Especially if it would contain state of the art graphics and lighting :wink:

hum…don’t like the title, it seems a bit too much “propaganda” for me