Level editor bugfix

I think I fixed the id number bug in my level editor that was screwing up saving. I’m not totally confident it’s gone though, so I need as many people who can try and make stuff with it to see if the bug is still there or not. Most of you probably wont care to download this if you downloaded the last one as there isn’t much noticably different, but if you want to help me, please try it out and tell me what happens.

Check out all the info and download at my site.

very nice i have messed to much but havn’t found that bug yet… i must say your really looking up into blender world…seems you are just begining to become a master in blender game engine!

Hey, thanks very much for the kind words! I’m glad the evil bug hasn’t sprung up again, software development is so frustrating because you can never be totally sure that everything works as it should. You’re always looking behind your shoulder to see what evil is creeping up on you, so far so good.

:frowning: hey saluk. I want to help with your bug problem, I really do… but between work, and my game, and that stupid eating and sleeping problem… well, I wish I had an IV drip of adrenaline and about 48 more hours each day. Hopefully it will get fixed up :wink:

I couldn’t find any bugs so far! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I managed to recreate the bug yet again, so I guess it’s back to the debug trenches for me.

Oh the horror