Level Editor (is it possible)

Okay, i wan’t to make a level editor to help me creat levels in my game. The best example would be like in tony hawk pro skater game. It enables you to place ramps and other objects. and just like in tony hawk, i want to be able to limit which areas (snap to grid) and directions the objects could be placed. i also would like the user to acess this level editor once the game is created. most of the objects would be simple.

Yes, I think it’s possible. It will take some creative python code to pull it off, but all the tools to get it working are there.

It is being done right now. For example this game (which is more of what you are working on) and this game.

It would even be possible (but very time consuming) with the logic bricks.

You could use properties, and the “add object” actuator to work it out nicely. Actually, the map editing would be fairly simple, but having it a graph would make it a lot more complicated.

The grid could be done with properties, for example, if property is 1, and you press down, it would go to 2, and then the empty would have an ipo for each graph square. Then making it go vertical, would invovle having it going from a 1, to a 10. I have managed to do this with a 4x3 graph, with a lot of logic bricks involved.:cool:

I suggestion to you would be to use python if you absolutely have to have a graph, and use logic bricks if you could live without a graph.

Yes a level editor is possible for Blender I will check my pc later I remember I did a level editor like last year on blender well the only thing I made it do is you could make your own Tarrain and add house’s ect… not that much of a big thing I gave up on it toke to much time. I might still have the .blend file somwhere around my old harddrive.


ofcourse its possible!

my game (previously posted by magicman)


just saves the object name, position, and orientation to a list when its added. then when it comes time to save, the lists are all combined into one big list and then they are all written to a file.

when its time to open the script just goes through each list and finds what object and where to place it.

Its not that time consuming really, once you have the main code written. All you have to do is make alot of objects :slight_smile: so people can get really creative.

and the tony hawk games create-a-park is where i got the inspiration for this kind of map editor

STELLA you got a point there in your sentence :

Its not that time consuming really, once you have the main code written.

But last year when I made it it was pretty Much Time Consuming Since it was the very first time I ever did that on blender. And boy it cracked my head trying to figure it out lol.

But now it’s just pretty much easy ^_^.