Level editor Release 3

(saluk) #1

Here is the third release of my level editor. Now I will take a break and see if this thing is actually useful by making a simple game with it. we’ll see what happens:)

There’s quite a lot added to this version, including mouse support, true 3d editing (was only 2d before), gravity mode, camera controls, plus I fixed a bug:)

I’ve been pretty happy with this thing, as I haven’t run into too many evil bugs yet, but as I add more, I’m sure more bugs will become apparent. Anyone who wants to start using the editor for your games, you’re welcome to it, and your levels will be compatible with later versions. If you want me to convert your game to work with the level editor (including saving) just email me your blend file and I’ll see what I can do.

Window’s users can download the self-extracting pseudo-installer, if you use linux or don’t want to use an installer, there’s a zip version as well.

Exe file
Zip file

Edited to fix links, just in case

(joecool) #2

hey that works great. It’s a lot better than the 2nd release. keep it up! :stuck_out_tongue:

(saluk) #3

Damn, you got there before I fixed it :0

Hehehe. THere was a bug where the gravity mode only works right if the camera is from the top view, but I’ve fixed it now. I also renamed the files to reflect the version instead of having all the zips the same file name which was confusing for me. But thanks for the comments, everything else is pretty much the same.

New links:

(Yamyam) #4

I think this will become a good tool if you add grid lines.

(SeaCigar) #5

:stuck_out_tongue: Alright, saluk, I’m gonna use your level designer to make a level for my game. This way, It gets some field training… I’ll be sure to call back with an educated response.

(saluk) #6

SeaCigar, Go ahead and try, but the basic tools (the little cube and big cube) probably aren’t good enough to make any complicated levels. If you need help with adding your own objects, just ask!

Yamyam, I thought about grid lines, but I can’t really think of an easy way to add them. I could just make a really big plane with a texture, but it won’t look right for big scenes. There’s no easy way to do this, otherwise I would have done it already. If anyone has any ideas on how I could put grid lines, I would appreciate it.

Thanks for your feedback everyone.

(S_W) #7

Cooool! The Leveleditor is much better than in release 2! Great work! :stuck_out_tongue:

(saluk) #8

Thanks. In more extensive testing, objects seem to dissapear, and it’s very annoying! I think it only happens when you edit a level after it’s been saved, and then try and save over it. I’ll try and narrow this bug down.