Level editor Second Release

(saluk) #1

Download Level editor Alpha release 2 - 1.7 megs

Here is the second release of the level editor. Hopefully, anyone who wants to use the level editor for their games can start actively using it either by release 3 or 4. It just doesn’t have enough features right now to really be usable - the layout format will not likely change between versions, but you can’t add your own object types to it easily yet. Also, movement is still restricted to a 2d plane, the cursor can’t be rotated, and there is no mouse support :frowning:

Added in Alpha release 2:
*Fixed loading/saving: Loading more than once won’t leave you with object copies
*Two object types: but you can only access one at a time. Some editing required to switch the type. This should be greatly improved in version 3
*Objects can now be selected: Pressing enter will select an object the cursor is touching and allow you to modify that objects position. Deleting objects should be in version 3, and modifying object properties should be in by version 4

Future versions

Release version 3:
*More maneuverability of cursor: Different grid sizes, 3d movement, rotation
*Mouse support for cursor
*Ability to cycle object types
*Ability to delete objects
*Better selection mode

Release version 4:
*Camera options
*Can change object properties
*Snap to grid, snap to terrain options on objects
*Save under multiple zone names

Eventual features:
*Level of detail
*Dynamic object loading
*Simple object mesh editing
*Pause/unpause gameplay
*Switch from edit mode to play mode
*Built-in functional object types useful for games (scoreboards, enemies, items to pick up, doors, etc)

By the way, I voted in my poll because the whole point of this project is for my game:)

(S_W) #2

Your leveleditor improves :slight_smile: , but I’d like to know whether it is possible to save the finished level and import it into a blend file…

(saluk) #3

I’m not sure about THAT feature. I have never used python in non-realtime blender before, and it wouldn’t really serve the purpose of where I am going with this, but if someone else could add this later… I really don’t know.

Since the positions and orientations are saved, I suppose a script could be written to duplicate the right object and put it around the blend file. I think it would be doable. But it’s not really high on my list:)