Level Editor Template

Hey, to all who think i died (lol) I haven’t been active recently =[ so I thought I’d share a cool level editor I made with you!

Open the blend file and I posted the instructions how to use it and how it works. Step by step instructions how to edit it.

Feel free to use it however you want. but GIVE ME 100% CREDIT FOR IT!!!\

Everyone told me you can’t make a good level editor with just logic bricks. Well people I did I used only logic bricks. Enjoy people!

System Requirements:
Windows XP or Vista
Mac OSX 10.3.9 +
256 Random Access Memory
49 Mb of free space
Blender 2.42 +

Downloads (file size is compressed by .zip to 6.41 mb)
Click to download

The download comes with a trailer for Mad Man’s Maze (the game I made the level editor for) and a trailer for my new game series Klassic Games.


Downloading right now…sounds really cool!!


Have fun! It’s very basic I’m updating it soon i’m making it soo much better!!

Is there any chance this link could be updated? I want to check it out.

Sounds Fun, but the link isn’t working.