Level Loading - New Game Vs. New Scene?

Hi there, how do you set-up and load new levels?

Here’s a scenario, so i’ve got all my levels, they are all in their own seperated blends.
is that setup okay? or making them in one blend and multiple scenes better? Right now when I play and then the game has to load the next level, there is a pause while the new blend is being loaded, that’s okay, most games have that anyway.

When you model and design your level, do you make all your levels in one blend file and then just have multiple scene for each level? Or do you make them in seperately in seperated blends?

In runtime, when you have to load a new level, what do you use? of course it will be set scene if your levels are in one blend, while new game if your levels are on different blends…

  • What will be better then?
  • What should I use?

If it’s depending on my game… here’s a very brief description since it might be off-topic…

It’s a 3rd person action-adventure game… where you control a character, attack enemies, talk to NPCs, Etc… all levels are divided into 2 parts, the 2nd part being the “boss area”.

Saving occurs automatically after finishing each part of a level, an overlay saying “your game was saved” will appear before continuing to the next part of the level or to the next level…

I hope you my question and problem was understood… i could explain more if it’s needed…

bump… was my post not noticed?? it’s been days…

I should say
New game.
Else it will be a too big .blend, if you have many levels.
If its a small game (under 10mb) , I should say new scene

That depend on how you game work.

If you’re only linking to separates blend files for the props,
even a huge scene can be stored into a pretty small .blend

…but yea, that depend on the complexity of the files setup you’re planning to use hehheh.

I say, load new blenderplayer with the new .blend level.Use ‘autoIT’ script to kill current blenderplayer process and load a new one with the new blend…its the most stable way if your blends a big or linked. :))
I test this method like 50 times with different big and heavy blend files…nothing brokes…well its practiclly like closing the current game manually and opening a new one every time./win only/