Level of Collada Support?

I know Blender has some COLLADA support, there is a specific build option for it after all, but I am not sure at what level it is at. Is it possible for someone to outline what level of features the current implementation has and/or point me to a page that details it (my Google-foo failed at this).

I am contracting out some game asset work (sadly, us coders are not the fastest of artists) and need to agree on a format to exchange finished work in. I use Blender for level work & modelling/texturing, but have code that allows me to export animated assets from it to my engine as well. However, if the level of import functionality for skeletally rigged & animated assets is not up to scratch - I’ll need to look into something else :frowning:

Well it seems that the Collada support in 2.5 is totally broken. I just tried out the new Alpha1 build from graphic all, and even exporting and importing a subdivided cube fails miserably.

Does anyone have some insight on the status of things?