Level of transparancy

Hi blenderartists,
I got one problem: I tried to make water in blender… but my mainproblem is… the water looks kind of good when not turning ZTransp on but the water should be transparent… the problem is if I turn ZTransp on the water is nearly invisible and everything behint it seems only become wet, but it doesn’t even nearly look like there is a sea or something in front because the level of the transparancy seems to be too high…

Could anybody tell me how to make an object more or less clear ? I’m still a newbie in blender and this is a hobby of me but I would be very happy if I could get any help of you experts.

Thanks in advance to anybody who tries to help me

to me, things becoming invisible when you turn ZTransp on is more of a consequence than a problem. What you should do is set up your materials and texture settings to simulate the properties of water.

Here are some tutorials to get you started:
Water tutorial
Realistic Water (PDF)
Better Water (PDF)
/ Mats

EDIT: You can control the transparency of a material with the alpha slider under your color sliders in the material panel.

Thank you very much Mats Halldin. Now it works and my water looks fine. I only got problems left with getting the Envmaps to work right. I will read the tutorials and I hope I will find something that helps me.

I’m sad I only got few time in the evening for blender, I think blendering is much fun :slight_smile: