Level/scene saving issues

Hi all.

I’m busy making a small point-and-click game with a few levels, and I was wondering if its possible to save the current level… It doesn’t have to save stuff like score and inventory etc.etc. I only want to save it so that when I load, it opens at the beginning of the level… Is there a way to do this? if so, will I be able to do it using logic bricks or Python?


You need Python to store data in a dict (e.g. global dict).

Then you can save it to disc via SaveActuator or Python.

Later you can load from file into the dict via LoadActuator or Python.
Then restore the data into the new scene.

BTW. it does not matter if you want to store an inventory or the location of the camera. It is just data. It is more a question how much effort you are willing to invest into the storing and loading operations.

Please have a look at SaveLoader.

@ Monster
Thanks a lot. I thought it might have something to do with the global Dict thing…