Level techniques?

You guys got any special technique when it comes to making levels for a platformer. I’m making a level with a Scottish mountain landscape like this image below.
The character will be able to jump long distances like the Hulk in the first movie when he jumps over the desert. And this will be the first level where you get to play and learn how to control the character. Now I don’t want this to be high poly, maybe 5000 or something. The landscape, then plus the character that is 1200.

I start by making a plane and subdivide it like this.
Then I use sculpt and selecting different faces. To make a nice surface then I use decimate to lower the poly count to around 5000. Then I put a texture on it, and I got this.
Now what is wrong with this then? First of all it doesn’t look at all like the first image I posted. And the textures suck, I got two questions.

  1. Is there a better way to get realistic scottish landscape?
  2. And how in the name of god do you find good textures that looks like the first image?

Any techniques for landscape modeling and texturing?

No one to get it in one step. I don’t know too much about modelling landscapes, but, I’m pretty sure that is not simple and fast.

Your work looks like a good first step, now, get a few textures, and work on it.

here you have a few tutorials about modelling and texturing in yo frankie.

Those tutorials didn’t really help me but thanks anyway. My problem is that I can’t get the landscape to get the exact shape of Scottish beauty. And I want the player to get the feeling that he is jumping around in a huge landscape. Like this:

Huge views and the player will just be able to look at a spot and jump…and he feels the wind blowing when he flies through the air and lands on the other mountain. I think I saw a video displaying a technique using bump maps or satellite images to create nice realistic surface.

it is not possible that you check out all these tutorials in 20 minutes. I think you don’t really understand what you want to do.

“Scottish beauty” does not depende only on the “SHAPE” you’ll have to work with textures, iluminatión, and a few more thing I guess.

It is not something you’ll get pushing a button, I’m telling you that because, I think it is what you believe.

Hmmm…it seems you are hoping for a tutorial to teach good atmosphere modeling, landscape modeling, lighting and texturing in one…you’re gonna just have to get some practise done and become more skilled, the better you are the better the landscape

fisicomolon - I know exactly what I want, and I didn’t check those tutorials. I’m sure they are great, and I thank you for finding them for me. But I looked at the titles, and they wasn’t on topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Radmanlive - Yes atmosphere, the feeling of a huge landscape without boundaries. And I think I have found something cool.

The height map editor - http://hme.sourceforge.net/
Creates height maps or 2D images that forms realistic landscapes. Now I know I have seen a tutorial on how to use height maps to generate 3D landscapes but I don’t remember where I found it. Anyone?

I’m sure you know what you want, that’s not why I said. Please read carefully.

You are talking only about shapes, and that’s not the way to get what you want to get. Probably, whith a good texturing and lighting procces, your landscape is good enough for what you want. But you are thinking only in the mesh, in the shape, and I repeat that’s not the way.

If you get a grayscale satelite picture from Scotland, and you use it like a displace modifier, probably you’ll get exactly the shape of this land, and you won’t have a realistic landscape.

The tutorials talk about what you need to do landscapes. No about get a 3d mesh from a 2d picture.

I won’t reply you again to tell you the same thing, because it’s looks like you just don’t believe me. No offense.

Good luck friend.

The tutorials fisicomolonprovided should be enough to get you started on making nice terrains. As fisicomolon explained before, it is not the mesh itself that makes the terrain look good, but what you do with it. I would recommend you take a look at the “GLSL Texture Splatting in Real Time” tutorial and the “Realtime Water” tutorials on that link, and you should also throurally read through Blender Art Mag Issue 18 as it has many things directly related to what you are trying to do.

Ok thanks both of you, I’l look closer at those tutorials. And I never even knew there was a blender magazine. Thanks for showing me that…I’l post the landscape when it’s getting better:)

The guys at wolfire games are doing some great stuff with creating naturalistic terrains. There’s a bunch of good posts, but a couple of the best include:


That blog has some good concepts like modular building assets.

If you wanted a cleaner way of making terrain you could’ve decimated manually and not have a mess by partially deleting edgeloops, so you’d delete more edgeloops where the terrain is flat and less where its jagged.