Leveling many objects

I have a large number of objects floating at different heights and would like to have them all drop to a floor so their bottoms are all level. Is there an easy quick way to do that? To drag each one into alignment will be… a drag. I wish I could just put a plane down and hit the “drop all selected to floor” button - but I can’t find that button.

Thanks for any clues.

  1. Click on the “move object centers only” button
  2. Select all desired objects
  3. Press S–>>Z–>>0 ("S"cale the objects centers in the “Z” direction to “0”)
  4. tweak as necessary

Note: This will align the object centers, To align the lowest plane is difficult (a.k.a. I don’t know how)

Thanks to all, especially Tynka Topi. I got the Align Add-On working (not sure if I have the latest or best). Found that it alligned all objects by their tops, so I rotated them all to upside down, aligned them and rotated them back. Whole operation took about 30 seconds. Thanks again.

:slight_smile: There are Min and Max options also, Min is the lowest point of object and Max is top.
To drop object to the table…

Align location:
[ ]X [ ]Y [X]Z
[ ]Max [ ]Center [ ]Pivot [X]Min
[X]Max [ ]Center [ ]Pivot [ ]Min

Yes! And I also discovered the ‘Curs’ setting in the ‘advanced’ settings so they align with the curser. Thanks again Tynka Topi. I will be using this often.