Levels? Waves? HELP!

Can anyone make a missile command clone for me?
I tried it myself but I don’t know how to implement levels and waves.
If not maybe you can just tell me the best way to do levels and waves.


by the scene actuator
and waves ??? what do you mean ??

you really shouldnt ask people to make an entire game for you. it takes time to learn the basics. use different scenes for each level, theres probably 3 or 4 different ways to make waves of enemies too, timers, properties, and python maybe

I was talking about missile command style waves.
Wouldn’t making a new scene for each level be so redundant?
I would have to make the same things again and again.

Maybe there is a game blend like which I can dissect and analyze - that would suffice.
I just want to make a game but don’t know where to start. I am good enough with python and GE but I just don’t know where to start.

you can bring an object into a new scene by selecting it and hitting ctrl + L . and by waves, you mean waves of enemies right? well as i was saying you could have a new wave appear using timers, properties, all logic bricks

Thanks for the ctrl+l hotkey. The ability to do that is priceless.

And I give up on the waves thing (yes I do mean waves of enemies) - I have been using timers properties and logic bricks - and failing. I am not a total noob.

Still, is there a game anyone made that is up for dissection? All the good games I found were only availiable in .exe format.

You could use the addObject actuator to create your waves.

Here’s an example to show how you can spawn an object/model:

Use SPACE to spawn the character, and W to move the character. To spawn multiple characters, continue to hit SPACE, but remember you’ll have to hit W to move the newly spawned character. You’ll need to modify it with a timer so that it spawns the character every few seconds or minutes or whatever. If you don’t understand that, I’ll setup an example with a timer.