Leviathan- need ai scripters!

I have been working on this new project, Leviathan, for about a month now. I need some programmers for enemies in a completely 3D environment (underwater).

heres a screen: www.antimonkey.dyndns.org/Leviathan/Leviathan.html

its nothing special yet, but as soon as I get a programmer on the team I’ll be able to design the levels.

Also needed:

  • texture artist

  • supplementary modeller (background stuff)

  • tester (test for bugs, glitches, fun factor)

  • anything else I can think of at the moment.

$$$ I will pay ONE DOLLAR!!! $$$


Hey now, you promised me the texture job! Where’s my dollar? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why on earth are you offering $1 for services? It’s such a small amount of money it’s silly. Just have volunteers.

wtf!! don’t talk him out of it! :-?


Looks like an interresting game! Im a bit too busy wid university work and my own blender projects to help out im afraid, although i could use the money! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

okay dreamsgate, whats your address. Or, what is your credit card account. I’ll “deposit” some money (after withdrawing a lot out) Better yet, give me a checking account and I will write a check for a dollar.

But seriously people, can someone help me out here?

Dreamsgate: I could use more than one texture artist, though if you’re not busy you could do most of it.

Okay I accept and I graciously donate my dollar to the cause.

Need enemy models? Robotic models? Anything? :smiley:

Lemmy: thanks for the reply. I do infact need lots of models. eventually I will need a shark, another type of baracuda, etc.

:stuck_out_tongue: A texture artist, well, there was someone working on Dracolith textures and still is, but I can’t find him, I think he made some wall textures for Dracolith. Damn, what was his name again?? :-? He’s a great texture artist. 8)

he is indeed. %|

i can model for you, as long as i wont have to do humans. I hate modeling Humans, espeshaly low polygon ones.

heheh okay Jd-Multi.

Orion119net: Can you model a low poly shark and send it? Lets see what you can do.


I’ll help you Mr.A if you bring apples back… that’s my price :expressionless:

I’ll see what I can do. I’ll need TazyTiggy and hmetalcowgirl as bait, though. Then when he’s in the vicinity, I’ll need a net.

baboon, I emailed you the shark, did you get it?

I did not get any shark, orion. I checked again today as well. :expressionless:

Try sending it again. I do need quite a few enemy models.

Still no one for the AI? What if I raise the pay to $1.05 (-S+H) I really do need some ai soon.

Here is an update (actually its a daily update) www.antimonkey.dyndns.org/Leviathan/Leviathan.html

Cool idea to make a Diving game, I like it because I’m a diver too :P, anyways, I hope you can finish it. :smiley: