Levitating Globe (wc wip)

I chose somthing well within my skill level so I could work some more on my texturing. I like it a little better than the last but I’ve come to an impass!


There is a spot above the globe in a position as if there were a lamp up there & a regular lamp above & in front, just to the right of the camera. I would like to have the shadows from the spot be a bit more pronounced but even after a couple tuts on it I’m stumped.

Also after a few tuts & hours of farting around I find I’m stumped as to the"gold like" reflections on the base also :-?

…I was origionally going for crome!

Any help & all your crits are appreciated :smiley:

oh…if anyone could point me to a real globe texture (with all the names & such) that would also be much appreciated :wink: …thanks!

You could try adding in some spotlights and setting them to shadow only then play around with the energies. Make sure you have raytracing enabled too.

PS. The globe is looking good :slight_smile:

Is the thing supposed to be magic? Try sticking a spotlight in the base. Anyway, you’ve got a lot of darkness here, a lot of low-contrast areas, and this isn’t very good in a photograph.

The most important purpose of light in a photo is to direct the viewer’s attention to where you want it to be. The eyes will always follow a path through a picture, beginning with the brightest area or the area of greatest contrast. You need to understand this and harness this in your composition.

Light also serves to define edges and to preserve the 3D illusion. Light can set the mood of the picture and actually help to describe the object that is being depicted. At this point in your work, light isn’t doing anything at all… and that’s why this well-modeled photo hasn’t “come alive” yet.




Thanks :smiley:

My problem was that the regular lamp was too close in front & was negating any shadows the spot was creating. I’ve somewhat fixed it now but it could still be better.


lol! …no not magic, just unfinished :wink:

Thank you very much for the assessment …I’ve only been doing 3d since the end of january so thats the kind of thing I need to hear.

…that & any tips you’d care to share :smiley:

Anyway, I think I followed your advise & tried to make it so the eye focuses on the globe then follows down to the base.

What do you think?

use a bump map too! it looks to flat! unless you want it that way…