Hey all. I have a robot enemy that is supposed to float towards you. I already did all of the pathfinding and stuff, but he goes through the floor when he is coming after you. I want him to float like a sci-fi robot :slight_smile: Can you do that with constraints? Furthermore, If you have a minigun mounted on a tripod (like an automatic sentry), how would you make only the minigun track you? Not the whole tripod setup, just the minigun on top swiveling back and forth following your movements?

Parent the robot to an invisible dynamic cube. Then move the cube, rather than the robot. This will allow you to place the robot wherever you want above the ground.

For the turret, make it two seperate objects (gun & tripod); parent the gun to the tripod and just swivel the gun.

The simplest solution is to offset the position of the object center on the z axis. The steering actuator uses the object’s center as the point to steer from.

Thank you all :smiley: