Lexus LFA

Hi, what should I do to make an interesting background for this car? I’m thinking of doing a few cool stills of it and maybe a short animation(just the camera moving) to show it off. I’m completely open to suggestions.:smiley: I would like to do something with color. This is my first car, so i’m new to this whole posing it idea.


Well first I suggest you to clean up your mesh! There a way to much imperfections! It’s much work to do that, but in the end that’s the best you can do know. An animation for this won’t be really nice if the modell isn’t finished. And I won’t call this finished. The worst a 3D artist can do, is to call something finished when in fact it’s not :wink:

I made my first car a few weeks ago, after a blender pause for 2 years. Before I just tried blender out, so I am in fact a noob. And anyway I spent my time in making the car as good as I can - do that too and you’ll learn very much about modelling!