LF ARTISTS: freestlye improv jamming, but its game dev instead of music

Great games have been made by solo game devs, so that got me thinking: what could two of these greatly abled people do together?

In the other hand there are many noob coders and artists that would like to join a team and don’t know how (I am in this category).

So I posted on the unity forum and got some answers from like minded people. We are currently a team of 4 working in a first little warmup project. We have no big expectations except to create something interesting, learn and meet people to learn with.

Problem is we only have 1 artist! Me hahaha. I come here as an emissary from my team in the quest to recruit more artists or specialists from other disciplines like music or team management even, anything that can help make a game come to life. But especially ARTISTS since we are here haha.

This is my discord, contact me if interested please. brutalus#8481

" I play the game of making games but I want to make it multiplayer!"