LF,Blender logo in my livingroom!

(rixtr66) #1

heres a blender logo i placed in a room scene ive been working on.
its got glass,chrome,colored metal,and dof.slowly figuring this
program out.its not as crisp as i see it cause of the compression i had to use,anyway enjoy!

if you get any crap from freeservers,404,etc.its on the lightflow test renders page.comments are welcome.

rixtr :o

its better to burn out than to fade away. neil young

(stephen2002) #2

oohhh…shiny :smiley:

the “lightflow” in the front is a bit hard to read. It seems to be DOF blurred out a little bit.

(Skates) #3

one of the best done LF pics I’ve seen, even if it is a simple scene. The chrome on the “blender” looks super sweet. Is there a new version of the script out? I haven’t heard about it.

(S68) #4

Coooool logo!


(hannibar) #5

Impressive! I like the metal.

(blengine) #6

that rocks, thats so cool… the “blender” is far out! and its very real looking… this pics lookin really good, anything specific your gonna use it for? or just playin around? great pic btw :wink: