LF Chessboard Final version.

(hannibar) #1

This is the final version.


comments? suggestions?


(S68) #2

:o Awesome :o

Chair is kinda funny, expecially where it is in front of the pale blue panel, funny halo effect I mean


(kerosene) #3

awesome work man!
one thing though: the dof (of the red ones) looks kindof weird… (smooth texture/hard edge?).

but again: absolutly great work!

(Xtra) #4

Great perspective! One of the best chess boards I’ve ever seen!


(LarsB) #5

The outlines of the red ones are much too sharp, but the rest of the image looks really great!


(Cryogenetic) #6

Awesome work! Very good materials, the best blender glas I’ve ever seen. :smiley:
Just one thing, it seems that the figures are hovering a bit.

(S68) #7

Sorry to disenchant, but that’s LightFlow, not Blender :slight_smile: