[LFS] Looking for Sponsorship

Hi !

First, before you delete this post, I’d like to say that having a LFW section in this forum is a MUST.

I am mainly a game programmer, but I also have some experience with 3D stuff.
I was thinking about my first ‘real’ step into the game industry world and to look for freelance work.
I bet on many projects on Freelancer and Upwork but I didn’t get any job because I hadn’t participated in the development of any published game or even had a portfolio project !
I read the article about freelancing and finding jobs for 3D modelers and I figured out a very powerful way to get a job.
I decided to make a series that goes over all the aspects of making game from modeling and animating to programming to music composing.
But, I need a sponsor !
I couldn’t signup on big sites because they require at least 5000+ subscribers and I didn’t make the channel yet !

Any Ideas ?

For anyone interested in sponsoring this series, you can contact me using the following e-mail address :
[email protected]