LHP Personal suit - Materia 2 - Help us?

This thread is for you character modelers out there. We have this nice little… well actually its very large project going on. Its continuation for the MATERIA you saw about a month ago around the community. Now we are making full pledged, extensed and complete sequel to that little demo. This however is an immersive task for the original team (about 5 guys), and Project NEEDS your help to realize this new large Materia.

If you havent heard of the project, or dont know much about it, here are some links.
http://www.aeon-visuals.com/materia The original can be found there, with details
http://www.wreckamovie.com/materiatheawakening WreckAmovie entry for the new one
http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=184367 BlenderArtists general recruiting page, you should check this one out.

1 Male body wearing Nomul LHP suit
1 Female body wearing Nomul LHP suit
TASK IN WAM -> http://www.wreckamovie.com/tasks/show/1249

Here is image of the suit (unisex model):

This is the basic suit that most of the people wear while working in conditions, such as the Ember station (place where the film takes place). Its basicly scifish engineers outfit. LHP stands for LIGHT HAZARD PROTECTION, so its pretty protective and functional suit meant to absorb heat, protect from sharp metals and even soak up some radiation. The attached image about the suit is “directional” but approved. So one should follow its design style closely.

I hope that all the effort we have put into the original demo, and all this preproduction (which mostly can be found from WreckAmoviie site, but greater deal is just shared inside the team), should encourage you, to take part in this project. We try to mean business, but it depends on you are we in the business or not.

TECHNICAL NOTES: (Might be expanded)

These concepts are just to give direction to the modelling, the modeller can have some free reign over the little details. These models will be rigged for moderate of movement, and i am not expecting anything super-photorealistic, and actually am not even after such things. I want clean, nice and “realistic look”, but no need to go obsessive about it. TEXTURED if possible.

Here is PDF file containing foldering instructions, and bits of other stuff. http://www.aeon-visuals.com/materia/guide/guide.pdf

Well then thats quite an leghty post. I hope it lures someone to help us out.

Drop questions here, and if you go after modelling one of the characters, or start your own WIP thread for it. And drop a link to it, into this thread.

If for some reason you want to talk in private, use:
MSN: exitial a hotmail.com
IRC: #materia @ irc.freenode.net
email: samuli.jomppanen aa gmail

THANK YOU!, and i wish i got you interested.

ps. This thread has been put here (WIP forum) as suggested. If it is not proper place for it, please redirect it to more proper forum.

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No takers for this? I know there is plenty of people who could pull it off.