LibGizmo transformation widget library

LibGizmo is a small, standalone library (MIT License) that adds a 3D matrix (4×4 floats) manipulation control called ‘Gizmo’. It consists of 3 different controls: a Move, a Rotate and a Scale. It works the same way as in 3DStudio Max or Maya. It’s written using C++ and the current implementation use OpenGL fixed pipeline. Integration should be easy.

I have the idea of extend this library whit more widget for bevel, fast extrude, inset extrude, sweep extrude etc… and other tools in blender that need more visual feedback.

what you people think?

i think blender already has these…(or widgets very similar)

Would it let us to move/scale/rotate objects on 2 axis at the same time? Anyways sounds interesting, I would like to see some examples of which options would benefit from it.

I know but the idea is to extend those widget already in blender whit more widget this whould be excelent for python addons to be able to use this library for new tools, and call this widget and use it in the addons or tools.

for example if some one want to code a tools that extrude, inset and bevel in one widget this could be posible whit the library

the bevel/chamfer could use one thats for sure.

Something like what Rhino has would be pretty cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t you make a blender patch for that? :stuck_out_tongue:
Expanding the possibilities of the manipulator surely wouldn’t hurt anyone and would surely help a lot of people. Some asked for these possibilities since long ago.

it is possible with shortcuts (shift+axis after GKey)
gizmos=slow and annoying working
shortcuts=freedom, pleasure, fast working

it is possible with shortcuts (shift+axis after GKey)

But not with a single click.

gizmos=slow and annoying working

Clicking on the gizmo once is quicker then pressing G,X, LMB
Annoying? Matter of taste.

shortcuts=freedom, pleasure, fast working


For modelling I can live without gizmo, but while animating it’s really handy.

one for rhino 4

This would be great because port from old Blender to 2.5 is still not complete. Main issue is that widget handles disapear when you manipulate them. For example for rotations this is bad becaujse you have no visual reference for gimbal lock. Also when modeling you do not have reference fór origin when you transfom usin arrrow handle.

So this is excelent idea. Also for people comming from Maya or Max this would be probably welcommed.

That is my main grip also. A widget can be a very helpful tool, for example when rotating you can display percentages/values in the widget of have a graphical indication of the action/angle you created from the origin for example. Hope this makes sense.

I know that information (like values) is displayed in one of the headers but the matter of fact is that it is out my view, so my eyes seem to jump all over the interface.

for example the screw and spin tools need a visual widget those tools are har to control at firsp try, lets do an exercise if you had to design a widget for the spin and screw tools based on their function how you people designed

I´m used to model with shortcuts, but see some improvements isn´t bad anyway in my opinion, so +1

IDK, gizmo’s cool as long as you don’t feed him after midnight…

or get him wet.

I dont use gizmo in blender, because it’s not needed.

not everyone has the ability to memorize shortcuts and feel comfortable with them especially beginners, most people react more to the visual feedback…!!