LibLoad and lights doing funny things

I’m currently working on a simple level-selection template. (Intended for some game contests I intend to run), and have hit a snag.

First off, the current version can be downloaded here

What’s going wrong: Lights.
When I start the game engine from the level select screen, the lights from other scenes don’t load.
But when I start the game engine from the actual screen that runs it, the lights from other scenes do load.

What’s the difference?

Well, I found out why. libLoading lights works in multitexture mode, but not GLSL.

Is there any way to libload lights in GLSL mode? Currently trying to add lights from an inactive layer, and adjust settings to match, but I’ve had a few system crashes (windows locks up).

Couldn’t you just:

  • Put lights in a hidden layer in the main blend file,

  • Libload in placeholder objects that have different light properties,

  • Add the lights at those positions,

  • Set the lights’ settings to be the placeholders’, and

  • Destroy the placeholders once you’re done?