LibLoad and physic

In the first .blend I have a character. Play P and:

(reds cube are character’s physic objects)

In another .blend that it is empty I load 2 scenes with

import bge

bge.logic.LibLoad("//prueba_escenario.blend", "Scene")
bge.logic.LibLoad("//modelos/personajes/base_personaje_10015.blend", "Scene")

Press P and:

Some cubes down and cross the plane. Why happen this? Why the physic is different?

this is probably an error with LibLoad - perhaps it doesnt load constraints or something?

What can I do then?

talk to the developer of LibLoad, or submit it as a bug in the tracker (Although there is a possibility that the problem is on your end, in which case I dont know what the problem is)

I guess that now it’s wait time

Can anyone reply in this tracker? Still no solution and I am not a big help. Download the attatchment to see the fail


Try posting a zip of blends, so others can play with your setup.