LibLoad Plus Parent to Bone

The issue is pretty straightforward: When I load a blend via libload, all parent to bone relationships evidently turn into parent to armature object relationships instead.

I’ve tried it with the normal select-the-object-then-select-the-bone-then-ctrl-p method, and I’ve tried using constraints instead. Both methods work in the original blend, but when I load that blend with LibLoad, the objects follow the armature as a whole rather than the proper bone. Is it possible to load a scene with libload and keep objects parented to a bone, or is this a bug?
The best solution I’ve come up with at present is to make a script that goes into the armature every frame, gets the transformation of the bone since last frame, and applies that transformation to the child object. This is a pain in the rump, especially when the feature should be built in to the engine.

I ran into this problem as well. But it seems to work when using addObject (saving the armature in a non-visible layer in the libloaded blend)

Worked like a charm. Bit unintuitive, but that’s fine. Thanks!