I have a problem with lib-load.
How am I supposed make lib-load load every time the scene is restarted?
I setup a test for the lib-load with a scene restart hooked to a keyboard sensor, so i restart the scene and libload doesn’t load the blend file.
How do I fix this?
What also trying to do is make it so that things that you run across (in this case guns) stay in your inventory between scenes. Also I would like to do this with lives, make it so that if you die you lose a life. Is there an alternative to “scene” “restart”?

The problem is that you can only load a given blend file once. This is to prevent naming collisions (I guess).

How to get around it:
Free the loaded blend when you quit/restart the scene:

for lib in bge.logic.LibList():

You can store things like guns and lives in the bge.logic.globalDict:

di = bge.logic.globalDict
di['score'] = 15 #Write
score = do['score'] #Read, presumably on the next scene

As to other alternatives, it depends if you want the player to have to fight the same enemies all over again, or continue from where he left off. If the former, then yes, scene restart is the way to do it. If the latter, then simply reset the player position and the health.

Okay I’ll check that out and I’ll let you know if there’s any problems.