Libloaded object animation issues

Hi, besides the parent to bone issue I have, there is also another one, let me explain about it:

If I do a player character .blend with all the character parts on it, and the part is animated, it correctly plays any animation the armature performs later; though having all parts in one .blend is bad, because the game will not use all of the character parts(it will use only the parts which the player choose to make his character) but keeping everything in a single blend will load them all at libload time, and I think hiding them will still keep them in memory.

If I do separate blends for each character part then I can load the needed character parts only when needed, but they do not follow the armature movements anymore when libloaded; parenting them to the armature at runtime have no effect, even with the character part object in question still having all his vertex groups.

How can I properly reparent an object(from one blend) which still has vertex groups intact to the player armature(which is in another blend), so his vertex groups can follow the armature movements, just like it did when the armature and the object were in the same blend file?

Thanks for any help regarding this issue

It seems there is no way yet, just a single workaround: making each object have his own armature with the needed bones on it only.