Library objects that are linked : not just lumps of lead ?

Is the fact that linked library objects can be modified using the modifier stack accidental or intentional ?

Here’s some context and explanations.

One area of Blender I never had any need to explore is the possibility to simply link objects from other .blend files into the one I am working. I am specifically speaking of linking here, not appending.

The first time I used it I had to face the fact that one can’t edit those object, which is logical otherwise they would also change in the original file. But they also were impossible to move and that I did not expect since one can move instances individually : so it wasn’t a simple case of an instance.
JMS suggested to me that I could link to the geometry datablock only and link that to a real object created in the working file to replace its geometry : it works and I can then move, rotate even scale in Object mode.

But there is something very strange, that doesn’t seem to be intentional since it doesn’t perfectly survive saving/re-opening, but which is quite interesting : linked library objects can get modifiers and those modifiers can even be applied but just for the working session. If the file is saved then re-opened the former links must by re-established by hand although JMS is looking at a possible Python automation of this job.

So ?