Library of bone "display shapes" for rigging

Just posted this to blenderstorm. Thought I’d post it here too to get some feedback.

It’s common practice, when rigging, to change the display of bones to shapes that are representative of their function within the rig. For example, a bone that is used as the target for the eyes to track to is often displayed as a shape similar to a pair of glasses.

The current way to do this is unwieldy and involves manually creating the wire shape and referencing the bone to it. I always find it a pain doing this, often having to use trial and error to get the correct orientation and size for the shape. Also this necessarily entails having a copy of the referenced shape in the scene which is quite untidy.

A solution to this would be to have a library of “display shapes” that the bones could be displayed as. Currently whole armatures can be displayed in various ways. (Boxes, envelopes, octs etc). But in addition to this, it would make rigging easier if individual bones could be displayed as commonly used rig-bones shapes. For example the glasses as mentioned above.

In addition to this independent controls for orientation and size of the display shape would be necessary.


I made this a few weeks ago. It’s specifically made for the Metarig system, to move your metarig into animation territory. (there’s instructions in the file of the process.)

However, the widget shapes are also valid as a library; you could just append any of these shapes into your existing Blender files.

Hope it helps!

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to stick my neck out here and say “you da man”

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