Library Override can't edit this properties from an override data-block

Ok. So I have a rig with a python UI addon, and I want to link the rig to a scene. I’m using Blender 3.0 beta in where there’s no longer an option to make proxies, only library overrides. And so, I use library override.

But when I want to edit the rig using the python UI addon, I can’t, and I get this error saying that you can’t edit this property from an override data block.


I found that I can make everything local, and the addon works. But I don’t want to do that. Is there a way to make the python UI addon work without making everything local? (Also, I’ve tried to just make the armature local. But when I save and reload the file, the rig breaks)


Hi not sure if this help. But I have similar problem with you too. I have build a custom rig for my character and I have made custom properties function to it. And I realize that in the custom properties Edit Properties icon, there’s this thing call is Library Overridable. You have to tick this then it will be able to change the value in the scene after you link your rig and override it.