Library override nightmare

i’ve got an admittedly complex scene and its for a client project so i can’t share any files, but i’m running into an issue with an overriden character rig that i need to modify. :frowning:

making any change to the rig file appears to now completely break the override hierarchy in the animation project file. it generates a non-overrideable ‘Character_Rig.001’ object that everything gets rebound to. it makes a mess of everything: drivers, constraints, parenting, the whole 9 yards.

what is really driving me bonkers though, is I have another animation project file that also has the character linked into it, and it is able to handle rig updates just fine. i don’t know how to ‘repair’ whatever is wrong with this other file though.

does anyone have any insights?

:S I didn’t used them much yet, but there is a resync feature that should handle modification when the original change , did you try that ?

Good luck !

its a good thought, and yeah i tried that… it broke even worse :smiling_face_with_tear:

i’ve isolated the issue further to be that once a linked, overridden rig has dependancies in the animation scene (ie objects are being constrained to a hand etc), not even toughing the rig, but simply adding something like a cube to the linked rig collection, every single piece of the heirarchy explodes.

if i simplify the scene and remove anything that has dependancies on the character, the relink works fine. unforunately in my case, its a 2 minute long continuous action shot where the character interacts with literally tons of things in the scene. i’ll just be over here crying now.

so far about the only thing i can see doing now to salvage things is keep one version of the rig in there for all the interactions, and then a duplicate version of the rig that has the updated facial controls i wanted to add. yikes.

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That’s why i refused to use clunky blender linking system. Not only some settings don’t work (like rigid bodies settings) but also it may bring such horrific issues you have there. I preffer appending complex rigs instead linking…
Sory I can’t help but wanted to share my thoughts.


Damn that’s too bad !!

The override system is very promising but until it’s ironed out I’m really missing the simplicity of proxies. Probably with a bit of more time it will be ok.

But, first that sound a bit weird, these kind of things are pretty standard, My guess is that a bug like this should have been fixed since a long time, are you using a rencent blender version ?

What about deactivating all the constrants ( maybe with a little script) so you remove all dependency and add them back once the new rig is loaded ?

Of course, in case like this you probably need to concentrate on your project rather than submitting a bug report, but this one seems bad, for a better future that would be great to submit it !

Another question, the rig is bone based ? I mean standard blender rig ? one armature only with bone inside ? not a “funky Maya like rig because you used to do that before…” ?

A dangerous option is to bake the action of each props, but then you won’t be able to change them that much

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