Library Overrides - Adding to hierarchy

I’m trying to get a hang of library overrides, it all works as expected and i can link a collection from a different blend file, turn it into an override, and modify the data.

If i add another object to the source blend file, parent and add to the same collection, i can’t seem to get it to update in the other scene.

Is this a limitation or am i approaching this wrong?

This might be a bug. Consider reporting it (I tested with 2.90.2 version).
Because if you reopen the file, it then correctly displays the new added objects to the overriden collection. (But it should also display when you right click to the linked blend file and select reload in the Outliner > Blender File section. This works for all other changes but interestingly not for new object additions.)

I’ve created a bug, if you have any additional repro steps to the ones i’ve provided i’d love for them to be added. thank you.


I believe this is the report: T78179.
I’ve added a comment there confirming the issue and including a test file.

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