Library painted red

Took a little more than 2 weeks to finish
render in cycles

Hi, overall a very nice picture but what strikes at first look- a massive lack of proportion. Books are way too big- 60 cm of high? Chair is too big as well. This is beautiful picture with beautiful mood and light but the scale’s problem is ruining the effect. But I’m curious though about your lihgt setup. Overall well made vis. Regards, paulina.

^ Thanks for the feeback! now that you mention it, yea those books looks like a oversize encyclopedia. lol

The lighting setup is simple just a few planes on the top with emission, a environmental image (that match the tone of the library) and a light image that were render in BI (using a halo lamp). Composite the BI image in post and you will have that haze light feel on the top. Plus all those mention before and the final result will be like that.

I really love it, everything looks great, great job!

Great work you have here! I just noticed that the books on the right side all look the same. You might just want to give it a little variation. Anyways, great work! Cheers!

a little behind the scene…

The style of the library is extremely nice, but the lack of variation takes away a lot of the scene. Additionally the bookshelf’s on floor level, left and right from image-center have no variation of books at all. I know that if you are two weeks into a project you really want to get finished, but maybe you should finish the project completely when you have time for it.

Sometimes it’s a good decision to put a project on a hold to get new motivation and inspiration to finish it later.

I think you are on a good way. Lighting and modeling is superb.

I really like this - it looks very believable to me. I like what you have done with the light from BI; it gives it a higher quality look than you see with most cycles renders.

I guess in some way, this shot is kind of too far away from the books. Out of all the books in this scene, 80% of the them are different combination of seeds and sizes by using the randomness of particales system. each shelf compsite of 2-3 different group of books, too.

I was talking about these areas.

I guess those 20% really do come back and hurt me, lol.

Very nice I like it a lot… but maybe add more variation in size in that 20% of books… and also maybe you could use more different textures for books of different colours.

Okay, randomize the books


I love the concept if this one, I’m very impressed!

I like the concept and the feel of the light, but I think that the framing could use a bit more work. I would try correcting the vertical convergence to have parallel lines, but maybe that’s just a professional deformation as I’m an architecture photographer. I feel the view needs either a more extreme angle or more stability; as it is it just seems a bit off to me.

Is this model inspired by a real library?

Anyway good job, and thanks for sharing!

^Yes, this library was inspired by a real one, but I don’t the name of it tho.
I saw a picture of the real library and it looks and feels great. So I just tell my self “I NEED TO MODEL THIS SCENE”

The light makes it appear foggy.

great modeling!

Yes, this library is bathing in sunlight