Library Staircase

Hello guys, this is my latest project I have been working on which I will enter in the BlenderGuru photorealism contest. I saw this staircase in the Trinity College library while on vacation in Dublin, Ireland. I modeled it in Blender 2.63 using reference images I found online and rendered it with Cycles.

Note: It may seem a bit dark on some monitors, though it appeared sufficiently bright on the laptop I rendered it with.

Go win! :smiley:

Amazing image! Sherlock Holmes’s library? “My dear Watson, we have to always be aware of the latest knowledge in the civilized world.”

Definitely like it! Nice color/lighting mode and very nice modeling work on that staircase.

looks perfect on my monitor, stunning! Did you only have one plane as emission outside the window or did you have emission objects or perhaps the use of world? I’m still playing with cycles lighting right now.

Thanks, I used an emission plane outside the window as well as a photo for environment lighting.

Beautiful work.

Really nice i really like it

Great work! I want to own this picture, I want to be the one who made it.
I guess my jealousy is a twisted form of flattery :slight_smile:

Nice one :),if you add more contrast to the render it would be better ;).

I like it. It fooled me as a real picture at first but the only thing that gave it away was the lighting. It seems a bit iffy because some sources of light aren’t accounted for in the picture. The window is all i see but there seems to be a generously bright light source coming from the other direction also because the window’s not really casting a prominent enough shadow. But that’s just me lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

An excellent result, although I do have one crit. I think the lighting is too even. Unless the window is frosted glass, light would be coming more from above than from below. However the emission plane throws light evenly in all directions, and the ceiling is lit as brightly as the floor. I don’t think this would happen in reality, even with light bouncing around the interior.

Wow, this scene is beautiful, the felling that it gives because of the materials and light, wow I simply loved it!


I think the ground would look just a litle better if the bump was made using a wood texture. But it is still amazing. Good luck on the contest!

Really good image. Congrats.
Would be nice to see a screenshot of your scene.

Very nice scene!

If i did not know better, i would think it is a photo on first glance.

Maybe detail the material for the wood.
Make it look older. Try to add some scratches and dirt to it.
Afterall it is a place of old.

And the foreground (the sides of the wood boards to the very left and right) should be more dark i think.
Dont be afraid to add more contrast to the scene.

Aswell as delete whatever light, that is coming from the back or lower it down substantially.
It makes it look to uniform.

And the camera. While the scene is interesting, the camera angle itself does not engage me much as viewer. Bring the viewer in.

Great stuff very convincing image…