Here’s my entry for this month’s CG Boost Challenge on the theme ‘Library’. I had a lot of fun making this one and it gave me something do do for about 5 days of this Covid 19 lockdown. Now I just wish they allowed multiple entries as I’m bored now it’s finished :stuck_out_tongue:

I found out I have a lot to learn about optimising assets in scenes with this number of objects, but at least I did get to learn a bit about Collections and Instanced Collections. By the end of it there are 814 books in the scene, ranging from detailed models including individual pages to fairly blocky simple shapes. My GTX 1060 wasn’t too happy about all the textures so I ended up having to do the renders on CPU.


That’s actually some nice work :slight_smile:

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Oh… here’s the clay type render if anyone’s interested. I might post a couple of close up shots of some of the assets

This shows the 3 levels of books I used in the background. Ones where you can see pages are instanced collections from Collections where there are individial pages. These were the objects used in the foreground as well. Then I had cover/spine only objects with a reduced texture size. Finally a whole load of basic shapes with a basic material (looks a bit purpleish in this shot but didn’t look too bad in the scene). I just varied the size of these along with some colour variation to fill in blank spots on the shelves.

If I were to do it again from scratch I’d have more variation, but overall I’m happy with how it turned out, and I’m glad I used some higher detail stuff in the background. I like the way you can see some of the gold leaf highlights picked out by the light in some of the background books.