Is base of a real library but I don’t know the name…

Holy sh__! Mao’s secret stash of little red books!! Outstanding lighting and scene.

Are there any material or geometry differences that cause some of the sections in the shelves to render darker than the others, it almost looks like overlapping geometry to me.

One thing you also could do though is use the light-falloff node (if Cycles is being used), to reduce the burnout near the top a little, I have found that it can do a decent job of making the falloff look more natural.

update a little

Very cool! These books are all very uniform, like volumes of the same encyclopedia. That may be what you’re going for, but if you can manage to pull out or push back a few books from the others, it could make them seem more like books and less like a fluted wall treatment. Stunning architecture, btw.

okay! thanks for the advices, here is a update

The focused critique forum seem to be not as busy as it use to be… anyway more update

The books seem to uniform, on each board there are 3-4 books repeating, each has the same height, every time there are 2 boards with the same books. This pattern is much too uniform.

I like setup and modeling, not render result. Many people ruin good things with noise render. Is it Cycles ?

beautiful, though the proportions for the stair rail and the other rails seem off a little. And the uniformity of the books seems off too. And though eye-catching, maybe a little too red. Very cool.

will it be better if I use the particles system for the books? Or do I really have to hand model all the books, there are like hundred of books here! lol

@Frobenius.Edge: The real one is just as red if not more so.

@Tynka Topi: don’t worry the final render will have more sample.

One way to make random heigth books. Plane, loopcuts, edge split, use proportional edit + random, grab one top edge down.
Select top edges, pivot point to individuals and Scale Z+0.

Add Solidify and bevels as you wish.


You would have to find a way to get the particles to map in straight lines though, the nature of a particle system by default has some randomness.

Another way would be to use dupli-faces, by creating a planar object laying on the shelves and then using select random to separate random groups of faces into different objects (where each would duplicate a different book model).

I think this is great! Looking forward to the finished one! :smiley:

I like the first render best - very minimalist, very vibrant colors. Burnout on top makes it seem underground, or at least open-air.

Later renders too saturated, wood-textured chairs pull attention away from the reds.

^Thanks guys! I found out a way now that use particles!

@AceDragon: in order to place the books in a straight line, use only a single line fill with verts only and set the Emit From to Verts.

create a few books that you want to place and group them. Under render (in particle setting) click on group and choose the group you just created. don’t forget to check “pick random” so blender will know to choose random book in your group.

now that you had created you first set of books, just copy them and use different seed to create a whole new set, if not different enough just use the physics tab to give them different size.

P.S: I was going to post what it look like with a higher sample than before, but my finger slip and accidentally press close while it still rendering. Oh well, next time.

Sometimes being simple is the best.
Just render some cubes
Oh oh the default cube! That would be original because everyone delete it

^ummmm… are you saying there were too much things in the scene?

I think the default cube is still there, just morph into different shape and put on a new makeup. lol

I really like your scene, especially the burnout on top and mood! But I agree with DorienVincent about the stuff in the front taking away the attention… probably only one table would help?
And the flag looks flat… I cant give you an advise how to improve but I’m sure there is a way :wink:

I’ve seen this real photo before,it’s really nice.
Yours’s good too!