Libre Office polishes its interface, finally gets .doc format import right

Apparently it’s gotten to the point where veteran users of the MS Office suite are getting impressed.

Also, word has it that MS Office formats such as .doc, and .docx will now import properly, meaning that’s no longer a matter of having to choose one or the other when working on documents (a plus for those who want to use Libre at home, but have to use MS Office elsewhere).

By now, one of the only things it doesn’t have is the Microsoft Ribbon (because of it being patented), but it’s not stopping the developers from polishing the interface and making it nicer in other ways.

For me at least, I already use a free program known as WPS office on my tablet, so it is nice that we’re seeing a very nice equivalent emerging for PC :slight_smile:

What do you think, is it a serious contender to replace MS Office yet?

been using OpenOffice since about version 1.0
in the last 10+ or so years i have really NEVER had major issues importing Microsoft Office© docs

the only issue was the Microsoft © fonts
the use of the MS owned /patented/copyrighted enforced fonts

that changed with the libre fonts

even excel sheets were not much of a problem
except for the Microsoft © Visual Basic ™ macros

i HAVE had MAJOR issues with MS office 2003 opining MS Office 2005 docs
or MS office 2010 opining the CURRENT MS office docs

The serious reason to replace MS Office, from my point of view, is that goddawful Equation Editor Microsoft has foisted off on the working public for many years and seems to have no intention to replace. I get why the Blender rule is 'one hand on the keyboard, one hand on the mouse" but for Microsoft to design a WORD processor that requires a similar recourse to the mouse to get anything done is just incomprehensible to me.

Having talked to many veteran MS Office suite users over the years, I’ve heard the reasons they choose to remain with MS Office, most of which can be boiled down to: “it’s what my company provides” or “I’m kind of used to it, and don’t want to learn anything new.” I am not particularly impressed with veteran MS Office Suite users, and whether Libre Office impresses them or not is of monumental unconcern.

as much as i DO like libreoffice

there is still the fact that MS Excell is a bit better if you ARE a CPA

for the top 1% of excel users they do have to stay with Microsoft

but for the other 99% of excel users
Libreoffice will do what they need