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I’m attempting to run Blender 2.36 on Ubuntu Linux 5.04 64bit and I get this error:

./blender: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I did a search and found that I do have libSDL installed in /usr/lib.

Any idea what the problem could be?

Did you compile a 64-bit version, or did you grab the 32-bit version from the Blender download page? If you didn’t compile a 64-bit version, it may be trying to dynamically link a 32-bit executable with 64-bit libraries, screwing everything up.


Nope, I downloaded the 32-bit version from the download page.

So do I have to compile my own version for me to get it to work? I don’t have a problem with doing that…if I could find out how to do it. I’ve ./configure; make, make installed before, but I tried compiling Tuhopuu once and it seems completely out of my league.

If someone would tell me how to compile, i’d be glad to do it…i’d also be glad to post my build up at, since there seems to be alot of AMD64 users popping up.

try this build:

That build is for Windows…

Blender works fine under 32 bit Linux and Windows, and as well as AMD64 under WindowsXP Home (which is still 32bit), but 32bit Blender under 64bit Linux is where it has problems.


If you’re going to build your own, I’d recommend using scons instead of make. I’ve generally had less problems with scons.

Ok, thanks!

Are there any newbie instructions as to how to compile Blender? I’ve downloaded the source, but in the readme it says something about modifying some file…but I don’t know what to modify, lol!

If I can figure out how to compile, I don’t have a problem with compiling 64bit Blender releases ffor everyone.

chances are you can just type “scons” in the source dir and it should go fine. If it fails, you may need to edit the link options in config.opts(which is generated the first time you run scons).

I don’t remember if ubuntu comes with python 2.3 or 2.4. If it comes with 2.4, it may cause trouble, although I had no problems linking against python 2.4 under slackware 10.1.

WOW :o

That was TOO easy!

I think I have a successful build AMD64 of blender 2.36 complete with the game engine! I had to hunt down for a few packages to install, but that was pretty much it!

It’s late here, so i’ll post it here, or at tommorow…or, later today…

Thanks for your help guys!

told ya scons was easy :smiley: congrats