License or additional terms to prevent people from linking my files.

I’m a fast modeller, i have some models and made a project to share these models, and every day i’ll add 2 or 3 new models to the project website. (in blend format)

However, i’ll put some ads on it to earn some little money :D, and i want to prevent other people who has for example, 3d related blogs, from just linking the file directly, or simply mirroring them, because in this case people will not access my website and will not possibly click on some ad.

The project in fact is an app that will browse these models (and tutorials) and download them and import in blender (using a py script), the app will access the models from website interface via webkit, so the ads will be present also.

Anyway, while the app isn’t ready, people will be able to download resources directly from the website.

I want to launch everything under GPLv3 and the app under LGPLv3, however, i don’t know if it’s possible to add some terms to prevent people from linking or mirroring the files, so i there’s another ready to use license that has such “feature” i’ll study if it’s worth to use it.

In short… i want people to link the page relative to the file in my website, not the file itself.

Thanks in advance.

Just disable hotlinking to the files…however one does that.

Preventing people from (legally) mirroring the files is a simple matter of copyright, you own them and don’t allow others to distribute them. This might present a problem with people reusing your models since there is no clear permission for them to distribute them in a game or whatever since your copyright would specifically prevent people from this so you can monetize you work and allowing them to redistribute them would also allow them to mirror them.

Generally speaking, most ‘free’ licenses are more about preserving freedom than restricting it through advertising clauses and such.

As the above poster said, you can disable hotlinking through your website’s control panel to keep people from linking directly to your site. As all hosts are different I couldn’t begin to tell you how you would do that through yours.

Second, the GPL and LGPL allows people to redistribute the original source or files you provide. It allows for modification and/or redistribution under its terms and saying you won’t allow that is more or less incompatible with said license.

Thanks guys.

Maybe another license like CC is better in this case.

The project is hosted at sourceforge, and i have no idea on how to disable hotlinking =/.

However, the license is the main problem here. I want to prevent people from redistributing the models as is, just taking the credit for them… in fact, i would like to force people to do not redistribute the models at all. So they could use the models even for commercial work, but only if it’s an image/video, if anyone wants to recommend the models, he should recommend the website :). If anyone wants to “share” the unmodified models, he should just point the people to my site. I don’t think it’s very restrictive or something evil, the fact is i have quality models here and i could sell them on some models shopping website, however, i want to share them for free, but want to earn some money by ads. Don’t want to become rich, just want to get paid for what i did.


Here’s an example of a model (3h of work):


If your concerned about license issues, then obviously, the GPL would be a bad chose in this situation.

You “might” be able to use CC, or perhaps… have you considered making your own license?

Just throwing it out there.

I think that no matter what sort of license you use or what terms you want people to agree to, there will always me jerks who will either attempt to take credit for or make money from others’ works. The best you can do is just disable hotlinking the files and keep an eye out for people distributing your files.

However, if you want to prevent people from sharing your files you have to think about what that means. What if I used some model of yours in a game? Can I distribute the model that way? You should make sure that whatever license you use, the people using your work can distribute THEIR work without infringing on your rights - assuming you’d allow that sort of distribution.

By preventing distribution, you’re looking at copyright. The GLP / CC licenses all state that distribution in some form is allowed. The best you can do is use CC, which allows for distribution of non-derivative works and only with attribution.

You’re almost better off just stating what you want on your site clearly and in an info file or text window in the .blend files themselves that say something like “Feel free to use these in any project you like, but please do not mirror the files. Just link people to my site instead.”

Keep copyright and this will allow you to prevent people from distributing your models, or selling them or whatever. The only problem is that any kind of ‘non-distribution’ clauses will scare away certain people, and the people you are trying to prevent from redistributing files will probably just do it anyway. If their unscrupulous enough to do it when you’ve asked nicely, they’d do it even if you warned them with legal action. Welcome to the wonderful world of piracy and jerks on the internet.

Bottom line: The only way to prevent it is to not make it in the first place. I say you should just not worry about it, outside of just asking nicely. Keep copyright if you want to enforce it, but if you don’t want to bother then go with CC or some other copyleft license. At least that way when people find a file distributed from some other source, there’s better odds of your information being there to attract them to your site. Might be better in the long run to do it that way.

Just say that people aren’t allowed to redistribute them.

I can understand why you would host the code on sourceforge but the models?

You have to be realistic. If you put you wares freely on the net you cannot really enforce people not passing it off as their own if they wish to do so. Taking legal action is not worth the expense (a tiny bit of advertising revenue fromyour site) and if I want to say their mine and I’m in a different country to you, what are you going to legally do? Any judgement in your country would have zero effect. You have big legal expense and I would continue to laugh at you. As has been said, just prevent the hotlinking and live with the minimal losses. Remember, there are more decent people out their than there are scumbags.


Off: Hey C-106 Delta, thanks for BPPlayer! The latest releases are just amazing. Very useful tool imho.

I can’t make my own license because sourceforge requires an OSI-approved one. At least i want a license that prevents people from ripping off the credits… at least i want to make sure that who get the model also get a “link” to my website… maybe the best way is to put the website address everywhere.

Thank you very much.

Many Thanks Squiggly_P for the detailed explanation.

I know some people will always ignore the license and do whatever they want, i just want to have a “legal” argument to say them when something unfair happens.

However, i think it’s better to just stick with CC and forget all the pirates, the point is that after 1 year i think the project will have at least 500 quality models (and hopefully the website will generate US$1 a day), and don’t want to see the models in those websites that has 50.000 non-quality models that generates a lot of money with others work.

@Uncle Entity: The models are part of the project… why not host on sf?

I can think of one reason…

I can’t make my own license because sourceforge requires an OSI-approved one.

@ Uncle Entity:

And I have one good reason to host’em on sf: It’s free and allows advertising. Where else would I host?

No clue.

There are other ‘free and allow advertising’ web sites out there where they don’t have restrictions on non-free content.

Any example?

Anyways, i’ll make a topic here (at blederartists) and post screens of every model that i upload, so i’ll have a “proof”. And no one will say he did some model before me and I stole it. Also, i think if i have a good models repository i can count on this community to boycott any jerk that eventually steals my models.

Any example?
Here are two good sites for hosting files:

- File Front

  • Files are hosted for free.
  • You can upload any file that is less than 600 MB.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and unlimited disk space.
  • Tells you how many times your file(s) have been downloaded.
  • Some ads are annoying
  • Files are deleted if they are inactive for a long period of time

- Uploader Polorix v6

  • Free files hosting
  • You can upload any file that is less than 200 MB.
  • You can host any file, including an html or even a website itself.
  • Allows direct downloading and is very easy.
  • Files are not deleted over time
  • Unlimited disk space and unlimited Bandwidth.
  • easy to manage files
  • Uploader has a bad reputation of being hacked. Although, they seemed to have fixed this problem recently.