License question (node setup)

(1) What if I make a node setup in blender, then I sell it. Would that be okay? Then (2) I would make a license text saying that you can’t use this node setup in your models that you give away for free or selling, what would you say to that?

I will comment this questions my self also:

1: That would probably be okay and legal.
2: This is …what can i say not to step on any feets, this is not right. It would also be completly impossible to do any thing about it. Like saying, hey you can’t sell the car with the red painted carburator I made for it.

Please don’t tell me I am the only one thinking about this

You can sell node setups and say whatever you like.
How are you going to enforce any licence ? Your location says you are in Norway. If someone in USA uses your nodes without and gives them away, what are you going to do ? Are you going to fly to the USA and fight them in courts ?
If you can put nodes together then anyone else can independently put those nodes together in exactly the same way. How do you know they copied you or not ?

Others have tought about this ?


I feel robbed :slight_smile:

Why would some people buy a node setup that they could make themselves?
My guess is for the same reason they buy pies and cakes at a bakery.

I would also like to know this, because for me is no sense that a third party node configuration can have a different license to those that is proposed by Blender.
What if someone puts a restrictive license to a lot of basic configuration of nodes?

Note that items are all have a CC license so if I buy a node system from them I can use as I want and can also give away or even resell them on myself.

I can make a node system just with a diffuse and glossy shader mixed together and sell them. This could be made by anyone else so how could I enforce any license on my own node system. How complex does a node system have to be before you can call it unique and feel you have rights over it. If you use freely available real world data to match a real world material, again anyone else could quite easily use that data to exactly match what you have created.

You can make any license you want but in the real world you will realistically not be able to enforce that license unless you want to travel the worlds courts. You will not earn any significant money selling them anyway so how much additional money would you be prepared to throw away trying to enforce your license.

Right that is what I think. It is strange that Blender market allow this at all.

It is free market. You too can make a spoon to sell.
How about who is paying taxes of their web income? Righteous sister, brother?

hmm okay i will not buy node setups anymore.