licensing doubt

I’m with a small doubt about the content of my game, as some of you know I’m creating a puzzle game and I’ll submit it to kickstarter, but a musician contacted me asking if he could create the musics for the game.

The game will be released and the source file will be avaliable to the public as a open source file.

My doubt is, this musician told me that he don’t want to his music to be used without its consent, so, I want to know if I can separate things inside of the file in different licenses, for example: I have his song called “I’m happy today” and I want it to be copyrighted to him, or I have this texture and I want it to be copyrighted to me.

Is that possible, and if it is, how can I do that?


If you intend to release the source then you aren’t going to be able to stop people from accessing the music. With that in mind, you might as well have a separate folder for music and simply state the license (that they have to accept to continue) before installing the product. Make it clear that the music is under a separate license.

well, this kind of explain but not very well my doubt, thanks dave, the musics and some other textures cant be used on other projects, but those musics and textures can be opened on the player’s computer, I dont mind about that, but I want to some exclusive content to be copyrighted, and I want some shure about that before I do something.

So if anyone know something else about this matter, please share with me.

Again thanks Dave for your help

If you publish your game as application file which bundles the blenderplayer and your data together to one file, everything in this file becomes GPL. I think you know about that.

If you do not do that the blend file is treated as pure data. It can contain data of licence you want except infecting or excluding licences. E.g. a licence that says “every thing bundled with me is the same licence” or “you are not allowed to bundle me with …”

I’ll be using the bbPlayer that uses the .blend file, but the thing is the musics are not mine and I want them to be copyrighted to its owner, well, I really don’t know I dont want headaches after the game is released, not more headaches, well, thanks for your help.

As far as I know with the bbPlayer the licences remain intact and the files are pretty protected.

Yeah, so, I can for example share the .blend to the intrested, because the main idea of my game is to share all the knowledge(or the lack of it) with anyone intrested, its weird, I think that I could simply add license for specific portions of the file since the .blend can be copyrighted as the owner wants, so I cant ssay for example, all this is open source, yu can use as you want and so on, but this portion Is copyrighted for this person, its hard to share something, looks like that everything is a dam burocracy that is meaningless.

I dont know what to do exactly.

Hi leonnn,

the problem is that Blender/BGE does not support such issues very well. I think that is because Blender is GPL and prefers open source (GPL) licences. Maybe this was never seen as a big issue.

What you could do is to provide a blend with the open source files only.
And the BBPlayer files with all data.

And provide license information.

thanks monster, as usual you helped me a lot.

I think that I will have to make all the songs then, and release the .blend, I can make the .blend copyrighted to me, then I think that I’ll have no problems, I can share a copyrighted file with others without problem right?