Lictor WIP 2 ::UPDATE No. 7:: 10-25-05 Modeling Done

Hello all,

You may have seen Orion119net’s similar thread already. Me and him are participating in somewhat of a survival of the fittest contest to see who can hang on the longest modeling this thing. As the model is very complex, it will take a while. :stuck_out_tongue: It is, without a doubt, the hardest thing I have tried to model.

Here is the reference pic I am using:




ok, lookin good so far. finish it.

anyways, the top segment looks too thin. i think that if you make it taller, it will look better.

but that my not so humble opinion.

great start!

Looks really good. Although it doesn’t seem to follow the ref very well. The shape is fine. But your model looks far too mechanical. The ref just looks as if it has hard shells covering the arms, a bit like a crab. The spikes in the middle of the arm ought to be attached to plates that overlap each other, unstead of being short individual pieces.

Hmmm, mind if I join in on this guy? I can always use more stuff to work on, and this guy should be a good challenge for me.

heh, hes a 99.99% mechanical modeler.

i dont have a problem if you join, and im sure Tracer wont mid either.


yea, this is really my first truly organic character model. I am used to mechanical modeling, so let me know if you can see it and I will try and fix it.

Sure you can join. Anyone who wants can participate if they like. :wink:

Cool. Though before I do I’ve got a couple models I need to finish up first. So might be a week or so before I start :wink:

wow this thing is going to f**king rock!

but it doenst look like you are following the ref to the exact detail, which i think is good, take your own interpretation

becasue so far the tip of those “things” is larger in the photo, and instead of having flat knife like spikes, the spikes on the reference are more rounded like horns, but who the f cares, haha

follow your own ideas, and take on how it should look, and use the pic as just a guide, i wish every model in elysiun was of a creature, robot, or creature/robot, haha! :o :smiley:

For the modelling no crits from my side :slight_smile:
You already did the thing i wanted to suggets:
“Dont keep too close to the reference and do some artistic changes here and there”

Just one thing. At the point of the middle element of the claw where it connects to the main claw, the connection looks too thin compared to the “huge” joint between middle element and last element.

I was going to say it was a bit mechanical looking too. Mainly the lower arm - when I say lower I mean the part near the top of the picture. It looks a bit too square. The upper arm is more rounded and so looks more organic.

I’m not sure the problem is the modelling just yet because it looks like it is a robot/creature hybrid and the issue just now is distinguishing the mechanics from the flesh. With it all being grey, that’s tricky.

What I can say is that some of the claws are too jagged looking. The claw at the end of the arm on the bottom and the one at the elbow look perfect and maybe a couple of others but the rest not so much. Duplicate and scale the best ones and it’ll save a lot of work.

Overall, I think it looks really good and the crease lines don’t seem to have any artifacts so I reckon your face loops are ok too.

Thanks guys!

As some of you have noticed, I am not trying to follow the reference pic to the exact detail. It is just one concept out of many other possible designs that I chose to base my model on. I do plan to add my own artistic variations though. Glad you have noticed.

AN][ARES: Thanks for posting here man. I am glad you have taken notice because if anyone here can help me with this, it’s you. I would love to see you model this one. Talk about inspiration.

Ok, time to get working on an update. Here are the things to do:

Make spikes thicker. Make the top segment taller. Make Joint connection thicker. And finally, the hardest part will be trying to make this look not so mechanical. Anyone have any suggestions on how I should go about doing that?

To make it look more organic you need to loose the sharp changes in the carapace sections and the perfection of the repeated sections. Also lots of your angles are too sharp and well defined.

Try to make the ridged sections look less like inserts and more attached to the shell.

In my mind you have yet to capture the spirit of the drawings, everything is too staid and rigid, with no flow to it. With the flow will come the impression of power and control that the drawings exude.

Keep at it



Ok small update here. I made several of the reccomended changes including raising the upper arm segments, made the arm spikes wider, tweaked the joints, and made a few minor ajustments to the mesh geometry.

Still having a hard time making it look more “Organic”. Any more suggestions?

I want to start in on the main body soon so I probably am not going to spend much more time on this at the moment. But keep posting crits.

Don’t know if you have seen this thread or not but it is a great example of melding mechanics and organics. I think good materials will be the deciding factor when it comes to a more organic looking model.

i say avoid trying to make it look organic, it looks good like it is,
countinue on the mechanice path and dont worry about making it orgainic if thats the way the models seems to want to go.

like you said just use the photo as a rough guide and add your own mechanical style to it.

besides the only part of this you really need to focus on making organic is the face, i say make everything else as mechanical as possible

down with orgnic :< , down with orgainic :stuck_out_tongue: , down with orgainc :< , muuuuuhahahahahaahaha!!!

yea, I’d say I am pretty much done with the arm for now. Once I finish everything else I may come back to it and see if I can tweak it a little more. But for now I am quite happy with it.

I’m now going to give his middle a try. Keep an eye out for updates.


your a fantastic moddeler… heres my crits…

  1. do a merger of that concept drawing with the ACTUAL model… take what you like from both and make something thats in between… you get your unique creativity done… and still retain some acuracy…

my… how it brings back memory sof painting these things…
2) the arm your working on… is DEVINATLY to thin in the upper part… needs to be lengthened a tad… a slightly curved more… i know your working off that image… but please… find the actuall model for added reference… as they abandoned the “arm” aspect of those apendaged… and turned them into bone cythes for ripping through the space marines armor and that arm just doesent look as if it will do the job.

but the moddeling… gods… i wish i could do that… i really cant wait to see how the rest turns out… and the texturing… gods… those blended colors are goign to be a nightmare for you.

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Haven’t had much time to work on him. I got the basic shape of the body and now I am tweaking it a little before I add any details. I will try to update soon. I haven’t given up!


Ok here it is. Another update. Working on the torso now. What do you think?


Like I said earlier, I am not following the ref to the exact detail as you can see. But I do want to keep this close enough. Please let me know what needs improvement.

It looks a bit too much like an extrude twice job on the scales. There is nothing wrong with using that technique, but maybe a bit of work to try and get some of the scales overlapping or try to give them more depth.

That said, a good texturing job on these could lift them also.

Does this fit quite with the style you used on the arm?


yea, someone else also said I should give the scales more depth. Anything else I should do?

I plan to get started on the head soon. Please crit.