Lictor WIP: Need ideas for colors

ok, Tracer conviced me to make a lictor too. so ive started. i want this to be the best model ive ever made so far, so please, be harsh.

heres what i have so far of the head. ive got the basic shape out, and im starting to add details.

EDIT: heres the image im using as a reference:

Ok, now that Im done modeling(I think), Im going to slap this image up here so you dont have to look through all 3(!!!) pages.

Hes currently getting rigged.

Here is the rigging test. Its also at the bottom of page 2.

great work im gunna make one too :slight_smile:

we should have a contest

last one to giv up wins lol

ohhh not bad. Nice to see you doing to high poly stuff for a change. :stuck_out_tongue:
IMO, I think you chose the hardest head to model there was. But looks like you have a nice start. I think we each will have some nice models when we are done.

Time for critique:

hmmm, kinda early to see anything outside of lack of details right now. Keep adding updates and I will try to think of something.

yea, this part alone has more polys than 90% of the models i usualy make.

but thanks for the crits so far.

is it ok if we all post our progress on this thread or would that be highjacking?

I wouldn’t reccomend that, unless you don’t care Orion119net. But if lots of people keep adding their own updates on the same page, it will get to confusing and people won’t know whose model is whose. So if I were you I would start my own thread.

What would be a cool idea is if we could get the mods to make a temporary subforum just for modeling Lictors. Then everyone could give it a shot and have all the threads in one short page.

heh, that would be interesting.

i think we should just use the WIP forums.

anyways, heres a little update.

i need ideas for details. help?

Looking better.

Suggestion: The spikes on the head need to look more like an armour shell surface. Keep tweaking the shape, and mabye add small details to them. Also, looks like you got the scale a little messed up on the head spikes. The ones on the back should be a lot smaller, assuming you are still refrencing off of the image you posted above.

Keep it up,


good point.

ive tweaked it somemore, and added some details and creases.

a tiny update…

im out of ideas as to what i could do to it, so i think im going to move on to a different part, unless someone can give somemore pointers.

looks awsome man great work

yer you guys are right about the whole dif threads

It’s looking better, but you are far from done IMO.

Looking at the picture you are using for a refrence, there are a lot of details missing. If you just plan to add them later, that is fine. But if this is the final head model then it needs a lot more work.

Here are some suggestions:

looking at the ref pic, the mouth tenticals are much more spread out. There is also a nice web of holy flesh holding them together, which don’t see in your model. I think the biggest problem is the tentilcles. Add a lot more detail to them and I think that will really improve the head overall.

Otherwise, it looks quite good. Nice progress. Hope to see more updates soon. Keep an eye out for my soon coming WIP.


ok, thanks for the crits! those are the kind i need to hear. i finally fixed my computer! even though it took 6 hours, it now works, and i plan to leave it alone.

anyways… im working on the hole thingys. i decided to make a couple beigger holes instead of a bazillion small ones, because the way this part of the mesh is turning out, it would be a major pain to add all those edgeloops. ok, ill see if i can get an update up to show what im doing.

EDIT: ok, what do you guys think?


looks awsome great to see youre taking alot of time on each peice thats what you will need to do the whole time

those dints in the neck look wierd and it looks like theirs a testicle on the neck lol keep it coming

lol, interesting anology there Aidan.

Anyway, just wanted to say the something is bugging me about the eye. Doesn’t look quite right, although I don’t know why. Keep playing with it.


thanks for pointing that stuff out! ill see if i can get that stuff looked at. right now, im working on the body, but because i couldnt get a good render of what i had, i decided to finish up the body then see what you guys think about it.


(nooo! i lose my cool title)

ok, i got an update finally.

im still working on the head, BTW, so i still need crits on it.

ok, the usual Cnc welcome goes here.

Not bad. What are u using as a refrence for the body? It will help us compare your model if you post it. Looking good so far. I really can’t find anything to crit untill I see the ref pic though.

EDIT: You so stole my background template! :Z

no, the backround is the lictor. :stuck_out_tongue: but yes, i stole the template, i decided i wanted to lable it. some jerk on another foum was stealing artwork, and i think that it wasnt much better than mine(it was a couple mechs).

im using disbad boy. BTW, i was going to do that head, but after i had started on it, i decided that all those tenticlles would be a pain to rig, so i did the other one(yes, im lazy). also keep in mind that im not trying to follow the picture exactly, am also using some ideas from some of the other artwork.

ok, ill see if i can get an update up quicker than i did last time.