Life After Humans

Done for CG Boost Challenge: Life after Humans

I loved this topic. I wanted to create a overgrown city, my inspiration came from the short film ruins. I started with much bigger Skyscrapers, but then i saw a image of houses with like 10 Levels, and then i adapted my scene.
The start was pretty hard, so i forced myself to make 3 different buildings and the next day 3 leaves. That was easy and i started to build the scene and focus on composition.

I liked to get a pre visualisation of the final elements. Without that i would have changed my mind all the time. I tried to work every day for 30 minutes.
I used scatter addon for all particle systems, i had some problems with it, because it behaved not as expected, but i spent some time to learn this tool and understood some basic concepts.
At the end i found the Mtree Addon, which could have saved me some time in the leaves making process, there i did all by hand. This can make some nice branches. Well i used it for the tree. At the end i got some nice feedback on exposure and brightness and other compositional elements, to polish this piece.


Great work @Benkroft !

Big changes related to this really soon for Scatter Season 3.0, announcement soon :slight_smile:

Thank you. Looking forward for it.
I want to do more Archviz Scenes with this powerful addon.