Life Claimer

Stealth action or not…


is there a demo file I can download I would like to look at it

this stuff is nice, you should now start getting more detail in the graphics and would make one hell of a game, because the playing it self is very cool.

This is hands down the best blender game I have played.
I don’t give a crap about the simplistic graphics, because they are realistic. Great work, man.
I’d love to see you make another game like this :slight_smile:

Bumpity bump bump bump:
That game is pretty cool, the gameplay is awesome, I think there could still be some more work making it smoother, but all in all, a nice little game, easy to control, good sound effects (ew at the neck cracking :eek: ) nice to play. Something i’d recommend is working on the AI, getting the enemies more solid ways of detecting the player, I’m guessing you used a Field of View style sensor for the sight? perhaps some extra abilities for the player, like being able to stealth kill by jumping down, etc…
good work, sequel? :smiley:

python26.dll missing when i try to run it

Sadly. I lost the source file for life claimer. However, I am currently working on a new game. It will be like grand theft auto on crack. Subscribe to me on my website for a notification when it is released.

somewhere around there is a script that allows people to extract .blends from the .exe
I saw it once, but don’t have the link. It is somewhere on this site.

Sometimes the little game of this type can do bring me with happiness! I like it!